Digital Forensics & Investigations

Learn Depths of Cyber Crime Investigations and Forensics and find out evidences for legal  Proceedings with Axpino Technologies Digital Forensics Course in India

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Cyber Forensics

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What's Inside the Course

  • What is Cyber Forensics
  • Scope of Cyber Forensics
  • Chain of Custody
  • Expert Witness
  • Ethics for Experts
  • Evidence Storage
  • Corporate Investigation vs Legal Investigation
  • Why Corporate Investigation?
  • Preparing for Investigation
  • Validating data Under Linux
  • Data Validation Under Windows
  • Image Acquisition
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Data Recovery & Analysis
  • Last Activity View
  • Internet History Analysis
  • Network Acquisition
  • Packet Analysis
  • Evidence Hunt
  • Santoku Overview
  • Android Rooting
  • Image Acquisition
  • Mobile Memory Analysis
  • Evidence
  • Crimes on Facebook
  • Information Gathering
  • Facebook Log Request
  • Evidence Collection
  • Introduction to End to End Encryption
  • Whats-app Memory Acquisition
  • Recovering all Deleted Conversations
  • Evidence Collection

Writing Reports of all evidences collected

Students will practice on dummy cases investigations

Meet The Trainers

Harminder Singh Hacker - Axpino Technologies

Harminder Singh

Cyber Security & Forensics Investigator

Harminder Singh is a award winning speaker having more than 7 years of experience in Cyber Crime Investigation and forensics. He worked as consultant to Delhi,Ratnagiri,Amritsar Cyber Cell during early days of his career. He has solved more than 44 cases including Biggest Data theft Cases, Cyber Espionage cases, Phishing cases,Credit card Fraud Cases and many others.Right now Harminder Singh is Head Corporate Trainer at Axpino Technologies

Surender Dabur

Network & Information Security Analyst

Young and dynamic personality of Mr. Surender Dabur has played an important roles in building his strong relationship in his work. He solved many cases of Internet Banking Fraud and Online tracking. He is working for 20 companies as a Cyber Security and Forensic Investigation Trainer. . He is working for the betterment of Indian Security Systems. Mr. Surender is working at Axpino Technologies 

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Cyber Forensics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our online training is real time virtual classroom based training. You will be able to see and interact with our trainer live on your screen. 

Before joining the classes you must have a smartphone/laptop/desktop or any smart device with internet where you can access our live classes.

Toolkit is a set of all the software and tools which will be used throughout the training. 

You will get the link to download all the tools just after the completion of your registration process

Unlike other certifications you will get the certificate after completion of the course which can be authenticated and verified on our website by any person or company

The duration for this course is 20 hours i.e 10 Days. We will be having 10 regular classes 2 hours a day

In case you miss any class. We will Reschedule a backup class for you.

You can ask your doubt during class as you can interact with the trainer directly and also you will have access to our doubt forum where you will be able to post your doubts and trainer will reply you over there.

As we know it is difficult to handle large batch size in a online class, we are keeping a very minimal batch size of 10 students.

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